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He Knew

This was written by Christi while on our 1st trip to Kazakhstan- Nov 19,2010...we wrote our family and close friends while we were traveling and are going to post some of those entries on here for all of you to experience.

We were playing Yahtzee this afternoon and Brandon said "Wow, we're really here. Can you believe it?". We've been talking about that a lot. How we have been praying and planning and thinking about this moment in time for so long, and now that it's here, we don't want it to slip by without us taking it all in. Besides being in a foreign country, we are here to adopt 2 little precious girls. Girls that were only imagined before. We thought we knew what to expect. We thought lots of things.

But God knew.

He knew these girls would fit our family perfectly. He knew that I would sit and watch them color and just cry at the fact that they will be my daughters. He knew that we would talk to our 8 yr. old son on the phone and instead of telling us how much he missed us (which we know he does), that He would ask how the girls are doing.

He knew.

He knew this was our journey. Our path. He picked girls across the world to be a part of our family. Just like He picks us to be a part of His. How cool is that? It's truly amazing to see the picture He has painted for us. We are placed on the canvas at just the right time.

I love our Lord. Most of all I love that He knew and yet He waited until we could handle it before He shared with us His masterpiece that is now the Donaldson family.


Climbing with the boys at Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

On Spring Break, the boys and I camped one night in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.  Then we climbed around Mount Scott and saw some bison up close and personal.  Good time!

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We made it! Stephen and Cristen Shepherd's wedding

Love these two and their family. I am glad I got to catch their wedding before we go back to Kazakhstan next week.

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