How am I bored and overwhelmed at the same time?

OK- so we just got back from a "vacation". The funny thing about that word is that it implies a break, a relaxing time. Well, we did have a break and a relaxing time, but came home to so many things that need to be done! For me, that means laundry, bills, dishes, etc. For Brandon, that means paperwork and getting back in touch with people.

Yesterday, I watched Oprah. I haven't watched that show in months. It was all about businesswomen and their attire. They had all these powerful, successful women on there. It kind of made me miss being in the working field. Ethan starts first grade next year so the boys will be at school all day! I started thinking about what I could do .....should I go back into the juvenile world? Should I try something new? My only stipulation was that I want to work and be home when the kids get out of school...ha! It was just a few weeks ago that I was thinking about how much I love being home with them, and I still do.

I think I am just craving some adventure, some accomplishment. Maybe it's the let-down after a trip. Brandon heard a speaker at Leadership summit talk about writing down each day what you LOVE and then what you LOATHE. Basically, it should help you discover what you should be focusing on more. I think I might try it out.

So, for now, I guess this is just one of those venting days when I'm talking in circles. Everyone is entitled to one of those days, huh?

Now, I better get back to all those things that need to be done! Then, I will surely NOT be bored or overwhelmed!!