I love my job

This last week Christi and I went to a marriage retreat with some other pastor couples. Most of the other couples were a part of the LifeChurch.tv Network. These are churches that are using the resources and messages from LifeChurch.tv. The cool thing is LifeChurch.tv puts this stuff out there for FREE! I know it is hard to believe but completely true. It is really a cool deal, and after this weekend, I cant' wait to see where God will take this.

Johnny and his wife Allison have started a church called TheBod.tv. It was launched in September in Roland, OK and is now close to 200 people. TheBod.tv is a LifeChurch.tv Network church. They are using live satellite feed from Lifechurch.tv each week. Well, this week Johnny and I talked about the church, the next steps of leadership, and how incredible God was moving. It is amazing to see. Incredible leaders are all over the place. Trust me, Johnny is one of those leaders, and now with some resources available and a kingdom mindset, Roland, OK and the surrounding region will never be the same.

Now on a personal level, Christi and I have truly made some new friends that inspire us with their passion and commitment to their community. They invited us down, but I don't think they realize that some fly fishing on the Illinois river, a Sunday at TheBod.tv, and some good cooking has now made it in the top of our to-do list.

Ready or not, Johnny and Allison, here we come :)!