Meet Buckley's

I just had the most terrible tasting medicine in the world - Buckley's. Christi got a free bottle of this stuff, and she threw it aways because it smelled so potent. I dug it up believing it could not be that bad. Wow, this stuff smells horrid and tastes even worse. I love it!!

What I love about it is their slogan. "It tastes awful and it works." In fact I have just found out they have always done their whole marketing campaign around the incredibly bad taste. They even had a Bad Taste Tour in Canada with a contest for the best bad taste face.

If they are so honest about it tasting would deduce they are honest about it working! Brilliant! We can call it the Buckley's Principle. If Buckley's said nothing about the bad taste, people would not respond. But now they have a whole campaign around it. People know them by their bad taste. That subtle shift changes everything. Are there any perceived weaknesses you have that you could embrace? How could that change things?