It really is better to give than receive......right?

I'm a gift giver. I love trying to find the perfect gift. Something that is sentimental but maybe didn't cost a pretty penny. I love planning in my head how I will wrap it up with ribbons and bows. I love making gifts as well. I love thinking that I have found the "perfect" gift for someone. I enjoy the "hunt". I enjoy seeing their face when they open it. I just love giving gifts!

One story I remember was from my first year of marriage. Brandon's family drew names for the first time. I was so nervous being new into the family. I ended up drawing Brandon's mom's name to buy for. I thought long and hard about what to get. What would make her love her daughter in law even more? I ended up buying her the Tombstone DVD because I had heard her mention it before. She opened it up and teared up. I was so surprised. It was just a movie, right?She said that it meant a lot to her that I had really listened to her. I felt like a million bucks and needless to say, the family accepted me as their own because I made Mama bear happy:) I remember that day so clearly because I felt so proud and happy. I know I had made her day.

Another story I have is of a girl who received a wonderful purse one year. It was expensive and leather. She had mentioned she wanted a "Coach" purse and that's what it was. She opened it up wondering what it was and exclaimed "Thank you!.....but that's not the one I wanted". She crushed the person who gave it to her. They felt hurt and wished they had not wasted time and money on something not appreciated. I know that story because (and I hate to say) that girl is me and I still remember that from 18 yrs ago. Granted, I was in high school, but what a brat I was! I was not a good gift receiver at all!

I LOVE to give, but when I receive I tend to put expectations on it and it make it no fun for the giver. This is something I am working on. Brandon has such a hard time buying for me because I am picky. I can make him a list but I tell him exactly what I want without any room for surprises. Maybe it's the control freak in me. With the Christmas "gift" season next week, I just wanted to reflect on how you should not act when you open a gift:( I need to work on my expression and what I say (seriously).

Do you love to give gifts? Is it hard for you to buy for people? Do you like surprises? What's on your wish list this year? Would you say you are a better giver or receiver?