We're going to be out of the loop, but...........

We are almost all packed and about to head out to Arkansas to see Brandon's side of the family for a week. So, since we are not going to be posting for a while, we thought we'd share some links of some good reading for all of you. Brandon's parents barely have reception so we'll see if we can log in at all!

BTW......Brandon is speaking on the Internet campus this weekend (via video) on Saturday, Dec 29th at 7 pm (central) and Sunday December 30th at 10:00 and 11:30 am (central). Hope you can check it out!!!

Here are the links:

Solar Crash-Faith

Robin Meadows- Lessons from.....
(I really liked the 5pt. series "Lessons from my husband"

Cindy Beall- a story about forgiveness
(this is a 5 pt. series about Cindy and Chris' marriage- get your kleenex's out!)

Anne Jackson (AKA Flowerdust)- confessional
(pretty much anything Anne writes is open, honest and thought provoking)

Swerve-40 lessons from a 40 yr old pastor by Craig Groeshel.

See ya next year!!! Happy New Year!!!