Global Picture

This is a map based on population. Each country is sized about their respective population, instead of by their land mass.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:
  1. China and India definitely get your attention.
  2. China is a major player in economy and manufacturing, but I wonder what is to come from China. I see China being the next country for a church revolution. The home of some of the next spiritual leaders. This is one reason I am very interested in what is happening in China. Lon has some interesting ideas about creativity from China.
  3. India is so massive, yet it currently does not have much influence in world politics, economy, etc. I am curious how this will change in my lifetime.
  4. Russia and Canada are not very noticeable on the map.
  5. My neck of the woods is just a piece of a much bigger puzzle. My world is shrinking, and the world is becoming clearer.
What are some of your initial thoughts after seeing this population map? What do you think it means or could mean?