Family nights (Pt. 4 of 5)

The Family party!

We have started a new yearly tradition of having a "family party". We have cake and decorations....the whole bit, just to celebrate the family.

After attending family vision weekend, I cannot tell you enough how much it changed our life and the way we live it. So, on this joyous occasion, once a year, we sit down and talk with the boys about the family.

We set individual goals. We talk about what we want to be known for. We talk about our core values. We talk about our individual strengths and who God made us to be.

Then we celebrate! We celebrate that God brought us together. That we all have things to bring to the table. That we have generations and generations to affect in a positive way. We celebrate that we love each other and have each other.

We want our boys to be so proud to be in this family, and have such family esteem, that they won't struggle with self esteeem as much and want to be different than who they are.

Our family vision statement is "Be true to yourself, be true to your faith".

We are hoping that our home is a place of stability and grace so that when they are out in that big world of ours, they can still feel confident and able to try new things.

What is your family all about? Do you have core values for your family? Ever been to a family vision weekend? What would you want your family's legacy to be?