Family nights (Pt. 5 of 5)

I didn't forget to post was just a delayed post:)

These are all going to be random family nights we have had. One time we hung a white sheet up and put a spotlight behind it. We made funny shadows and told stories with our hands. The boys had a lot of fun and it didn't cost a thing.

We also had a role playing game where we acted out the "proper" way to act in public and the "not so proper" way. The boys thought it was hilarious on the "not so proper" scenario and still ask to play that game sometimes.

We have also done questions where we ask "if you could be an exotic animal, what would you be and why?" (I think we got that one from our Konnect program at church). We have told 3 reasons why we love each person. We have made up a story where one person makes up about 2 or 3 sentences and then it goes to the next person to add on. It's fun to see all the twists and turns.

We have loaded up in the car right before bedtime and went to get root beer floats at Sonic. We have done breakfast in bed. We have wrestled, danced, played too many games to name.....

The point is we love our family- can you tell? We also love trying to be creative. Spending some of our energy on feeding into our kids rather than things out there that shouldn't be getting our attention. We also learned at family vision weekend to talk up your family and of course talk up your kids. Say things like "don't we have the best family ever?" or " can you believe how blessed we are that God sent us to each other?". We want to make our kids feel like they are the best and they fit perfectly into the family unit that we are today.

Thanks for reading and commenting on this series. I have loved some of your ideas as well! What kinds of family traditions do you have? Any more family nights you want to mention? (I'd love to hear about them)