Your big give?

It seems to be more of a common thing to "give" these days. I know that Brandon and I have certain areas where we give our time and money to. There are shows about giving such as "The big give" and "Extreme Makeoever:Home edition".

Recently, I have been planning a fundraiser for our babysitter that is going to live in Mexico for a year as a missionary. We are passionate about it because 1) we love her and believe in her (she has been our sitter for 7 yrs!) 2) we have been to the place she is going and we have seen the need 3) we believe in the ministry she is working with. We were summer staff for 2 different summers and can't say enough positive things about their leadership and influence!

So, it got me thinking.......what areas do you give to? Do you give at all? What tugs those heart strings of yours? If you got a raise, would you give it away? Do you give sacrificially or out of excess?