Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is our 13th anniversary. We were married in May 1995. Seems like we have known each other our entire lives but also seems like yesterday when we met. We have so much life to live together still! I wanted to post a poem that Brandon wrote me back in the beginning. Todays entry will be long- but good!

A little back story- Brandon and I were pretty close friends in college. He had asked me out and I had told him I only wanted to be friends. I then went and found another boyfriend. The new boyfriend and I broke up for the summer while I was back home and Brandon and I met up one night for dinner. He told me that he loved me that night. Shows you how close of friends we were, huh? He also said he could not wait on me forever, so he wanted me to choose him or the "boyfriend" whom I was still talking with and planned to get back with.

I chose "the boyfriend". Right to Brandon's face, I said "I choose him.". Wow- still feel bad about that one, but I had a ton of growing up to do! Over a year later "the boyfriend" broke up with me because he felt I had feelings for Brandon I needed to explore and that I wasn't giving him my all.

He was right. Brandon had a part of my heart from the beginning. I just didn't know it until someone else spelled it out for me. I think I was so scared of my feelings that I wanted to deny they were there. That's an entirely different post.

Here is a poem written by my sweet husband back in 1993:

"Set it Free" by Brandon C. Donaldson (1993). For: Christi Noel, the love I never want to let go of again.

When I was young and love was new, it seemed to me too hard
Once I thought the love was true, the love would break my heart

The words of one wise man echoed in my ears
The words were hard to hear, but I listened through my tears

He said "If true love you think you have, then put it to the test.
Set it free, do not hold on, and hope for the very best"

"If that love comes back to you, then true love was always there
Hold her close, do not let go and show her how much you care"

Time went by and a new love I found, so special and so sweet.
Love came quickly. I was not prepared. She knocked me off my feet.

Her eyes were deep and beautiful, and words cannot describe
the many things I felt for her when I looked inside

Her smile and laugh were genuine, more love I have never felt
with the touch of her tender hands, my entire body would melt

How could this be so perfect? I knew she was the one.
Then in my mind, I heard the words that I knew must be done.

"If true love you think you have, then put it to the test,
set her free, do not hold on, and hope for the very best"

"If that love comes back to you, then true love was always there.
Hold her close, don't let go, and show her how much you care"

Slowly I released my love and watched her go away.
As I watched her helplessly, my heart began to pray.

Hope was strong and stayed awhile, but time slowly passed
As her happiness grew again, I felt we could not last.

I tried to forget my love for her, but in my heart it did stay
The hope, yet small, was still there just waiting for the day.

The day it seemed all hope was gone, my love came back to me
That man's words contained more wisdom that I could ever see.

Because of what he told me then, I knew the love was true.
During the time I waited for her, the love only grew

Now my love has come back to me I know true love is there
I'll hold her close, never let go, and always show her how much I care.