(far left: head lice check. Middle: the long line for check in. Far right: our place in line)

Hmm- OK, you guys know I have been having butterflies in my tummy since last week knowing that my baby (well, he's really not a baby, he's 8 but we will say "baby" for the story) was going away for camp for 5 days!!

I packed him up Saturday night and decided that if 600 other kids' parents are OK with it, then why shouldn't I be? I mean, as a mom, I tend to worry and think "Will he fit in?", "Will he be able to keep up with everyone?", "Will he like it or get homesick?","What if......" get the point.

Is it normal for us to think that way or is that being overprotective? I've decided that I trust my little man. I know he will enjoy it. I trust the Jesus in my little man to help him too! I just saw pics from the first day and there were 2 of Merrick and he looked like he was having a blast!

So- all this time spent worrying was for nothing! Guess I better get off of the computer and make sure my other baby (my now 6 year old) hasn't broken a bone in the street or been kidnapped!! (Wink)