As I write tonight I am burdened.
Burdened for hungry and alone kids out there.
Burdened for adults who are unhappy.
Burdened for people who have lost their homes in recent tornadoes,
cyclones and earthquakes.
Burdened for the fighting happening in South Africa.

After watching footage of kids who have lost both parents, my heart is broken.
Broken for a lost and hurting world in a need of a savior.
Broken because I have a very blessed life and still find room to complain or ask for more.
Broken because I feel helpless.

I want to see change happen NOW. The hopelessness leaves me dead in my tracks doing nothing. NOTHING. It is not up to me to solve the worlds problems. It is not even up to me to offer hope to them- because I am not the giver of life and hope. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is. Why not offer Him to them? That is what they need. That is their only hope. Instead, NOTHING.

Lord, help my unbelief! You carry our burdens. You love the lost and hurting. Reach out your hand like only you can. Help me to do SOMETHING, unless doing nothing is where I need to be. AMEN