Camp W-O-W!!

We had a fabulous time last night! I can't tell you how proud I was of our Kids dept. They really know how to reach kids for Christ! Here are some pics from the night...the above pic is right after Merrick was baptized. We are so proud of him:)
Here is Brandon and Merrick entering the lake for baptisms
Right after Merrick came out of the water! WOO HOO!
Reunited and it feels so good....
They had a firework show after camp ended. It was awesome!!
Brandon and Terry S- don't ask me what they are doing.
Merrick and Terry. Terry has an excellent pirate accent by the way
Merrick and Ketric (another one of the pirates and a great friend:)
Merrick and his amazing leader, James. We were so happy Merrick was in James' group. He had an excellent time! See you next year.