Sights of Seattle (pt 3)

We ended up getting books for the boys for souvenirs (the other one is several pictures down). We searched the market high and low and ended up with these. They can be purchased in other places besides Seattle, but we knew the boys would love them. They still think talking about bodily functions is hilarious. Can't wait to hear them giggle:) If you ever want to borrow them ,let us know. They are very informative.
The Original Starbucks.....yah!
Brandon got a drink from there but said it tasted just the same as in Oklahoma. Good, now we won't have to wonder.
They had live music right out front. The blue grass band that played was so impressive that we bought their CD! (Wish we had live music at our Starbucks)
Enjoying the atmosphere (and the 'Bucks!)
The other souvenir for the boys
The famous Pike Place Market
Look at all those yummy fruits and veggies. Wish we had a huge market like this. I resolved to visit our local farmers market now!
And, you can't forget the dessert! They also had fresh donuts they were making on the spot. The line was pretty long though so we opted not to wait and try them.
The fish part of the market was impressive. We did get to see the guys throw the fish like they do on TV. We wanted to buy some and have it shipped (they do that!) but didn't have an extra $200 to spare.
More of the beautiful colors of the market. By the way, they did have lots more than food but these are the pics we ended up with :)