This has been a summer of downers here in the Donaldson house. Kind of a pick-yourself-back-up-off-the-ground and keep going kind of season. Not trying to be too dramatic because I know we all have things that bring us down. It just seems like we are trying to roll with the punches and they keep coming.

We have experienced lots of loss. With close friends moving away, extended family issues, health issues, friends experiencing loss, friends experiencing some crisis''s been a bit heavy. The good thing is we know God is with us. We have never questioned that. I have been feeling like He wants me to rely on Him and not on those around me. He wanted me to be in need of Him. He wanted us to be "out of control" so He can come back in take the control that He deserves.

Sometimes I want to say "OK God, I get it!". But do I??

How long will it take for me to learn to TRUST in Him (completely) and I'm talking about total trust with my family, my kids!, our finances, our friends, our health, .....everything! When will I look back and realize that even though I have felt a bit "beat up", I have no bruising or cuts whatsoever. In fact- he is healing us as I type this. There might be scars-but the pain is lessening thanks to Him. Besides-scars are a good reminder of lessons learned.

So- I might be rambling a bit but I just wanted to say that I will always be able to get back up because of the faithful Father and friend I have in my life. Now that's just cool.