Surviving the storm (Pt 3 of 3)

(Here is an article about the Blizzard)

October 1997-We moved to Colorado in the fall of 1997. Brandon worked at Lockheed Martin Astronautics (in Littleton,CO) and I worked as a juvenile corrections officer (in Golden,CO). We found a great church and absolutely loved it there! The scenery was amazing!!

We heard on the news that a big snow storm was coming in and we decided we wanted to stay with our best friends, Tim and Donna, rather than be at our little apartment (our 525 sq. ft. apt). The snow started and it just didn't stop for a long time. It was the first big snow of the year and I was worried this was what winter was like. They informed me that this was a blizzard and those are not an everyday occurrence!We were amazed throughout the following year at how quickly they cleaned off the roads after a snow because in Oklahoma everything just sort of shuts down for a few days.

We stayed at their house and kept power the entire time (I think- I actually can't remember so I'm assuming we did). Their next door neighbor pulled out his snowmobiles and Brandon and Tim got to ride them in the street. It was unbelievable seeing them ride through the neighborhood on snow mobiles.

I worked a full time job from 6am-2pm. I wanted to call in,but my boss said I had to come in because the people there had been working for almost 24 hours! Just call me "Employee of the Month", ok? So, Brandon and I loaded up in our only car, a geo metro. Yep- you heard me right. One of the smallest cars there are.

We slipped and slided all the way there (wasn't Brandon awesome for driving me to work?). We finally made it and when it was time to get off, him and Tim were there to pick me up.

It was a bit of a scary time because the airport was shut down and people were trapped all over- but it was so much fun truly being "snowed in" with our best friends! I've never seen that much snow since!