Friday follow-up #15

Hmm- this week has flown by (again). Here are our latest happenings:
  • Merrick had a follow-up ortho appt. Looks like he will have 4 braces and an "extender" put on by the end of the year. Then comes retainers and then eventually braces in a few years. Our cafeteria plan is going to be HUGE this next year but we are thankful that money won't be taxed.
  • Brandon celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday! We had lunch with the team he works with. Last night he wanted a pizza party so that's what we had for dinner. We also played glow in the dark hide and seek where we hide in complete darkness and the "seekers" search with glue sticks. It was a big hit!THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who sent well wishes. He felt very loved :)
  • Today the birthday celebration was extended. Brandon and I had lunch at McAlisters and then went to Bass Pro Shop so he could use some gift cards. His eyes were lit up the entire time. He got some great stuff:)
  • Tonight (in about an hour from when I'm writing this) is the Internet campus Big Show where they will honor all volunteers and life group leaders from this past year. We have some amazing people on the Internet campus!!
  • At 4:30 am Saturday, we are both waking up to participate in the "London Live Experience". We can't wait to see who shows up for this!!
  • Then, this weekend is also the launch of the brand-new Internet campus . There is a new look as well as new functionality so it might take a while to get used to it (but should be great).
  • We can't wait for Thanksgiving next week!!
What are you planning for the upcoming holiday? What kinds of foods does your family make? Do you travel each year or does the family come to you? Tell us about your Thanksgiving traditions :)