Please pray for our friends in India

As we are gearing up for a day filled with fun, family, friends, and food- the people in Mumbai are under terrorist attack.

It breaks my heart to see the footage. I have no idea what it's like to live in a country where I have to fear for my life and my kids lives on a constant basis.

I remember several weeks ago on the Internet campus talking with a man from India. He talked about how he was in a shelter after violent fighting was taking place on his street.

We have had several people from India on the Internet campus over the past few months. I love their respectful and humble tone in the chat room.

Lord, I lift up our friends in India. I don't know if they are near the fighting or if loved ones are but I pray you intervene. Bring peace to their minds and hearts amidst the conflict. Keep them safe from harm.Thank you for providing safety to my family. Don't ever let me take that for granted.