The Answer

Merrick's teacher is very passionate about math. She wants them to leave 3rd grade knowing how to do certain problems and how to complete them in the right way.I was thinking about this today and came up with this analogy. Hope my ramblings make sense to you:)

Sometimes in math people don't know the answer but need help finding it. There are others who know the answer but are too lazy to do the work. Then, there are the ones who know the answer, but want to get to it a different way than others. There are also some who want to skip steps to get to the answer (but even though they know the answer- they must learn how to get it or they cannot repeat it).

I think the same is true in Christianity...
  • There are some seeking out God that don't know anything about Him.
  • There are others who know about Him but are too lazy to pursue Him.
  • There are some who do seek Him, but do that differently than how others seek Him.
  • There are even some who want to skip steps to get to the Answer but since they haven't laid the foundation, it falls apart.Meaning they want to be at a mature place in their relationship with Christ without serving Him, reading His word, etc.
Although I think that we can arrive at the same conclusion even though we do things differently, I think there is something to be said about laying a foundation and not skipping the basics. Even though we know what the ANSWER is, we must constantly work out our salvation.