Our little chatter box

Ethan keeps getting in trouble at school for talking. I have NO idea who he got that from!ha ha .....He is our social butterfly. He gets so excited about school and what's going on that he just wants to talk about it.

To his friends. To his teacher. Even to himself.

Here is the letter he brought home. If he weren't so cute I would probably have to be mad at him...

"Der mom and dad I had a problm today. I kep tocking win mrs. mule askd me not to. I hav lookt back frum my desk to tock. Insted uv tocking I will listn so I can lrn. luve Ethan"

Can you translate that? It makes perfect sense to me. There is even a place for me to sign it and send it back tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, his teacher is Mrs. Mula not Mule :)

Now, in all seriousness, he will be getting some kind of consequence since he is being disrespectful to his teacher. Also we are going to have to figure out a way for him to get all of his little thoughts out so he doesn't want to talk away the entire day at school.(But isn't he a cutie? Pretty sure he's a keeper!)

Hmmm, any ideas??