Friday follow-up #16

Whew- I haven't done one of these in a while. We have started off the New year in a buzz. I have a feeling this year is going to be a great one!
  • OK- let's talk family. Our boys are doing great. Merrick get's his braces on Monday. He turns 9 this month! (Can't believe that one) Ethan is also losing his front teeth. He is digging math right now. He even quoted "Homework is fun as long as it's math"...hope he keeps that mentality!
  • LC.TV Internet Campus is hoppin'. We saw record attendance (of all time) this past weekend. God is bringing some new challenges and new ideas so it looks like it will be a fun,exciting year!
  • Brandon/I got to meet with some Internet campus partners. They are the Byers from London, and the Thomas'/Rossow's from Australia. What a lively bunch. It was so incredible to meet these people face to face and have some great discussion about culture differences and what their lives are like (plus of course there was Internet campus talk!).
  • As a family we have set some high goals in saving and giving this year financially. We also feel a little more clear on where to head with our adoption-which is a BIG deal (but I will have to share more on that later).
  • We have planned a trip for the Fall of '09 to NYC with our close friends, The Berkels. We are saving for it as we speak.It will be our 15 yr. anniversary and their 10 yr. anniversary. We are super excited about this (and it's still 18 months away!).
  • Tonight is Brandon's fantasy football league's party.The loser has to wear a dress tonight. There are 10 guys in all.Should be hilarious! Brandon is thankful that he squeeked by and doesn't have to put on that dress!
  • My women's life group started back and it's a huge blessing to me. I love how transparent everyone is. This is our leader:) We have fun and giggle but we also get to talk about deeper issues. We are all about the same age and it's awesome to be able to live life together. We also have a couple's life group that is the real deal. This couple leads it and we're pretty sure they are the best leaders eva! We meet and talk about all kinds of things. We feel so blessed to have these people in our lives!
What's happening with you? We are in a really good season right now- how about you? What are some challenges or goals for 2009? What's happening in your family? Comment on here or send us an e-mail just to catch up-we'd love to hear from you all!!