Family Follow-up

Donaldson Family update:)
  • We met with our new adoption case worker and asked a ton of questions. We feel like we are on the right track now for the most part.
  • Our boys are out of school tomorrow (which I'm sure all of yours are too!). Somehow I coerced them into having a shopping day with me. I'm pressing my luck here but they have some Christmas money that's burning a hole in their pockets so that helps.
  • Went to Bunco over the weekend, saw a movie with the "girls", and then got to see most of them today at a birthday party. I feel blessed to have such amazing women in my life!
  • Brandon is starting a new bible study with a group of men mostly from our church. It's an intense 9 month journey about growing more intimate with Christ. This is an answer to prayer for him to get to be a part of:)
  • We are starting our fundraising for the adoption. It's humbling and a bit scary....but these are times when God proves Himself evident to us.
  • Our church is doing a new series called "The Vow". This week, the challenge was to pray once a day, for 7 days, with your spouse. We had some precious time in prayer tonight. I know this is a key towards intimacy with God
  • I've cut our grocery budget in half for this month. So far, so good. If you like saving money and finding bargains, check out my bargain blog HERE.
  • We are de-cluttering our house. We have moved almost everything out of our office in anticipation of that becoming a nursery in the next year. I have lots of clutter and "junk" that I need to donate as well.
So....that's a LOT going on with us. How about you? Are you on twitter? We'd love to "follow" you if you are! Leave your Twitter name in the comments please.(We are @brandonaldson and @mrscdonaldson)