Going into unfamiliar territoy

It's scary trying something new. I remember playing soccer in elementary school. I was very athletic and had just been asked to be on the "All city" team for Norman, OK. It was a big deal to me but I had to decline because we were moving.

We were moving to a city that didn't even have soccer. I couldn't imagine that. In 7th grade, I tried playing basketball because I was an athlete and just couldn't imagine not playing sports. I was put on the B team and was terrible at it! After one season, I knew it was not the sport for me.

I then tried tennis in 8th grade. My mom had played tennis and I had grown up around it all my life. Turns out, I loved to play tennis! I joined the team and practiced as hard as I could. I ended up winning a state championship doubles title when I was a junior in high school and then went on to play college tennis. My scholarship paid my way through college.

All because I had to...wanted to try something new. New and different may seem scary, but it just might be the change you need to direct you on your next adventure! Make a change...you might just be surprised by the results.

Is there something that you are needing to change in your life? An unfamiliar path you feel drawing you in? Was there something in your past that changed you for the better? for the worse? Please share!