He, She, They

I've been thinking about how we talk about what's important to us...what's going on in our lives. It's at the forefront of our minds and we just want to share it with the world.

When I was pregnant, all I talked about was due dates, nursery colors, and names. I was consumed with our baby for the entire pregnancy(and it didn't stop there).

Brandon and I are stuck in that situation right now. We have adoption on the brain and we are thinking about it constantly. It's almost like we are pregnant again (I'm just not having the physical symptoms-Can I get an amen?)

It's great talking to people who are passionate about it as well, but I'm already a bit worried that we are going to get on people's nerves by talking about it constantly. I just want to be self-aware.

I think it's just a good reminder that everyone (well most everyone) has their own agenda working. Most people have something at the forefront of their mind. It could be good, and it could also be bad:(

Take some time out to ask about others. Try not to focus on I, me, or we but rather he, she, or they. Pray for others. Take time to encourage them. Then, the consumed part will not be as selfish as before (I'm speaking to myself here).

I want to start right here... how can we pray for you? What's on your mind? Do you feel consumed by something right now? You all have done nothing but encourage us for the last month-how can we return that blessing to you?