Living life with (and without) a purpose

Brandon and I met in college. We had so much fun together. We would talk about anything and nothing and just have the time of our lives. Through our first years of marriage, we sort of continued in that path.

Then, about 10 yrs. ago, we learned about being intentional with our lives and living with a purpose. Finances with a purpose. Parenting with a purpose. Vacations with a purpose.......after several years of living with that mentality, we have realized that now we have a hard time doing nothing. Free time seems like such a waste. Our date nights turned into talking about our goals and plans and all the areas where we feel driven.Serious. Serious. and more serious.

We've realized we need to relax. I don't mean lounge on the couch, but relax the mind. We have gotten so focused on the "purpose" that we don't even enjoy it. It's always looking towards the next goal or the next area where we can improve. It's time to have some F-U-N.

There has to be a balance. I still believe in having vision and goals...but somewhere in there has got to be fun and vacations and relaxation or you will just get burned out (which is what I'm battling right now). We have so many goals and we will continue to try and reach them, but we are wanting to try and enjoy the process.

So, I don't know if any of you can relate to this post. It might have been just one of those that I needed to write for me. But, if you are struggling with striving too much, or constantly trying to be more and do more, then take a break and relax. Let yourself enjoy life.

Life is meant to be lived for a purpose....part of that purpose is to enjoy it!!