Summertime (in photos)

My friend Mandy always does a good job of keeping people updated through pictures so I'm going to try and do the same....

Watching the wind surfers. They were really good!

Align CenterEthan dressed himself this day. Um, he's not very color coordinated but at least he got all the bases covered. I've learned Merrick is really good at matching! :)

Merrick playing Punch Out.Also, our new favorite game is Wii Active-it's awesome! We love it. He's all sweaty from working out.

Reading books from the library. We signed up for the reading program and have already gotten a great start! Ethan likes to carry the paper around and a pencil so he can write down the books he reads.When they get to 8, they get a prize!

Playing outside in the dirt. The daily shower routine is in full force at the Donaldson house!

It's just the first week of summer and we are having a great time! What are you up to?