Healthy snack options?

OK- we are trying to eat healthier. My only problem is that I came from some terrible eating habits. I'm really happy that we are eating more nutritional foods but I am getting in a rut. I tend to find one thing I like and then just eat that. Also, if things don't sound good, I just don't eat. I've been going under on my calories and need some healthy snacks to fill in the gaps. I do like fruits and veggies-I just need some new ideas. Anything from about 100-200 calories. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

Some of the things I eat are popcorn, fruit, fruit w/peanut butter, raw veggies w/fat free ranch dip, pretzels, Kashi bars, or yogurt. I don't like cottage cheese. I'm also lactose intolerant so can't have too much dairy.I want something good for me that's convenient as well.

Feel free to leave any food ideas in the comments section. (Just click on comments above).