Beautiful Friction

Hello blogging world...enter the Donaldsons. I have planned this blog for a while but have procrastinated doing it. I tend to think way too much about things. Never fear, because now we are here. Christi and I decided to do this together, which is a great way to introduce some of this friction idea.

Christi and I are very different. After 12 years of marriage, we now know, even more, how different we are. Here are some examples. I say conflict is only a negative word if it is ignored...brilliant isn't it? Christi isn't too excited about anything with that label on it. I can dream up incredibly crazy things for our family. Christi can actually pull them off. I love constant change, the unknown, getting people out of their comfort zones, and wrestling with questions. Christi loves stability, security, making people feel comfortable, and solid decisions.

But now, it is ALL of these seemingly contradictory words that define us as a couple. a beautiful thing. I love Christi more than I could write in this blog. She makes me more than I am alone. We accomplish more together. We are different; we have points of tension; and it is absolutely beautiful. I embrace it because together we go further than we would alone. It is my most beautiful friction.

Anyone missing the point of the friction in your relationships? It is easy to do.