Questions happen

Going a little further into Matthew (Matthew 22:15-46).

Questions happen, even those questions that have the potential to shake your faith or those questions you don't know always know the answers too. By this time in Matthew, the Pharisees were plotting how they could trap Jesus in His Words. Something to take note of: No matter how religiously deep these questions seemed to be, the intent of the questions were to trap Jesus not to grow and mature in their relationship with God. How many times do we catch ourselves getting caught up in deep, potentially helpful, questions with totally wrong intentions?

Jesus is an incredible example of this tension between answering those sincerely searching and answering those trying to trap Him in His Words. People looking to only disprove or discredit your faith aren't sincerely looking for answers. Jesus realized this and spent His ministry focused on the needy and lost. Remember, Jesus actually silenced the religious leaders (Verse 46), but after they stopped asking questions, they began plotting to kill Him. Talk about your no-win!