Sept 12th...

Sept 12th is not a day that we talk about much.When we woke up on Sept 12th, 2001, our lives were changed forever. Our innocent views of the world were skewed. Our perception of reality was altered. Yesterday, I watched Oprah and it was all about the kids who lost parents in 9-11. They said that Sept 12th is the day they remember as the hardest. That is the first day they had to wake up without a parent. That is the day they realized that life had to go on, but they were not ready to move forward leaving loved ones behind.

Last year at this time, I was in NYC. In fact, we flew in to Newark on Sept 11th (the 5th yr anniversary). We were so worried about security and just had the eery feeling that only 5 short years ago people boarded planes just like we did. They checked in their bags. They were probably tired from taking morning flights. They had no idea what was about to conspire-none of us did. These people never made it home. It's so sad to me.

I got to enjoy a full week in NY. We went to ground zero and the mood was very somber. Throughout the week as we tried to talk to people about where they were that day (9-11), or how they were doing. Most people shut us out completely. They didn't want to talk about it! It was too painful...too fresh. I think it's really ironic that we always tell them that "we remember" while all they are trying to do is forget that horrible day. They are trying to move forward. I applaud the people who have shown such strength and humility. People who have been an example to the rest of us. People who truly are heroes!

I still cannot imagine what it must be like for those families who lost a loved one. For people who have to walk by ground zero or the Pentagon on a daily basis. All my emotions and thoughts can not be conveyed in this blog. Just know that I love NY, I love our country, and I love the God that is going to see everyone through!