Great Good vs. Great Evil

Read Matthew 8:28-34

Here are these two violent men from a nearby town, obviously not doing good for the people or the town. Jesus has complete authority over the spirits that possess these men and casts them into a herd of pigs. The pigs run down an embankment and die in the sea. The herdsmen go tell the town, and the WHOLE city comes out to meet Jesus. Why? To implore him to leave their region

I find this interesting. Were the herdsman mainly upset to lose their pigs? That was probably a big deal. I could see that. But did this fact help them miss what happened? How about the two men who were possessed? What are they thinking? Where are they during the town hall meeting? They are the story. The town knew of these demon-possessed men, yet the town ignored them to this point. The town did not come to help or get rid of these guys, yet Jesus who gets rid of the demons gets the whole town out to see kick him out.

I am afraid we are used to evil around...deep evil. Sometimes we turn a blind eye, but we sense it is there and accept it as part of the fray. But when something more powerful, completely good comes around. We fear it more. We try harder to explain it away. We try harder to get it out of town. Begs a good question to ponder....Why?