What's your Holy hurt?

What's your Holy hurt? Our pastor asked us that several months ago. What is that thing that makes you burdened? What stays on your heart and on your mind for a while? What makes you want to stand up and "do" something to make a difference in this world? What breaks your heart? What makes you angry?Well, that is your holy hurt!

This past weekend our church reinforced that by talking about our burdens. It was REALLY good and eye opening. Sometimes we just complain about injustice, sometimes we sit back and feel helpless, and sometimes we do small things to appease our cares.

Brandon and I are getting really close to identifying our burden but that is only the beginning! Now, we want to let our burden call us to action. The bad thing about me is that I want to do so many things. I think about those things a lot....but I never DO them because I am not sure what the first priority should be.

God has been stirring the pot...he has been MESSING US UP if you know what I mean. We both read Irresistible Revolution, we watched several movies that brought up our burden. We went to Mexico for a couple of weeks. We gave to the needy. We did these minor things that really in the scheme of life do not mean much.

My "burden" is neglected kids and teens...those that can not help themselves. Those that don't have much of a chance. That's why I worked with teens in maximum security prisons before. That's why I love to single out the person in the room who looks most uncomfortable and try to talk to them. That's why I love to smile at those hardened by life's hurts. That's why I love to sing and play with little ones who have had to face so much in their short little lives.

Brandon's is similar but he feels led to educate and inspire. He wants to make those same "kids" see they can be more. He loves to teach. He loves to equip. He loves to challenge with questions and actions. He loves to confront and ask those tough questions that most people shy away from. He loves to be real, to be genuine.

So, like I said, it's great to identify....but what's next? Only God knows. We will be praying and seeking what He is telling us. We will be patient for His timing. We will also do what we can to act NOW. Do what we can now. We don't want to let those little moments pass us by.

What's your Holy hurt? What's your divine burden??