Heart to heart

I just had a long talk with my 7 yr old son, Merrick. He is very open with his thoughts and feelings and I'm so thankful for that! I'm hoping that if we continue to talk now, then when he gets to be a teenager he won't shut us out but continue to trust! he's having some struggles making friends and already can tell me who the "cool kids" are.

I remember being in second grade. I have a great memory. It's so strange to me that as you get older, sometimes your childhood memories seem so fresh.

Merrick was talking about school and making friends. He is our non-athletic, very smart son. He will be an intellectual like Brandon but it looks like he's not quite as coordinated as Brandon. Merrick is an incredible writer and loves to write short stories so he might be our artist:) I talked to him about being himself and being confident in who God made HIM to be! Merrick has the gift of giving-whether it be time or money. He is one thoughtful little young man!

It's amazing to me that comparisons and peer pressure start at age 7! Isn't second grade supposed to be all about recess?

At Family Vision weekend, they talked about having family identity which helps kids with self-identity. I told Merrick today that we are all his best friends and it's true! Now, if only I could go to school with him and protect him! Ahh...but that's another post! It's the constant "letting go" that's so hard!