I want to make a difference!

Brandon and I are in a pattern of watching documentaries and historical movies based on actual events. It has been very eye opening to say the least.

We watched 2 that dealt with the 1994 war/genocide in Rwanda. The sad part to me is that while THOUSANDS of people were dying, I really had no idea. I was in college then and Brandon and I were dating. Honestly, I don't even remember seeing it in the news. I really didn't watch much news back then anyways. There is a statement in Hotel Rwanda where Joaquin Phoenix says that people in America see things on the news and say "oh, that's really sad" and then just turn the channel because they don't want to "see" it. I think we don't want to see it because then we would have to do something about it!

I realize that particular war is over, but there are new ones going on in our world right now! I became aware of Darfur through George Clooney of all people. I'm to the point now where I have to do something. We should all have something that moves us to action. It feels so overwhelming sometimes because you wonder if one person can make a difference. I say yes, they can. To think that genocide is going on right now is so surreal to me. I mean, it seems like something that happened a long time ago. Brandon said that there is also a huge slave trade going on and there are at least 100,000 slaves in America right now. RIGHT NOW! In 2007! I don't know why it shocks me, but it does. I need to start doing some reading!

So, I hope that when the movies come out for our present time, I will be able to say that I remember it and actually made a difference in someone's life during that time. I pray that I will not be so focused on myself and my family that I miss the chance to show Jesus and His love to everyone I can.