December event

We just finished a 4 day "December event" with the staff at It was exhausting and amazing at the same time. We kicked it off on Tuesday with all the campus pastors and the team leaders dinner. It was very humbling to be in the room with some incredible leaders! On Wednesday we split up from our spouses and the women talked about our strengths from strengths finder while the men talked about leadership and brainstormed ideas. Then we met back up to have a marriage seminar with Kim Kimberling. It was REALLY good!

Wednesday night kicked off our all staff event. We had dinner and then heard from Perry Noble. It was SO refreshing hearing from someone outside of our church. He was hilarious too so that helped us all just relax and take in what he was saying. he is the Senior pastor of NewSpring church in Anderson, South Carolina.

Thursday, we had spouses look at spiritual gifts while the staff met with their teams. The spouses also had an opportunity to hear from some veteran spouses. It was really neat hearing all the things they have learned. We then had heard from Craig and he brought it home (as usual). After lunch, things digressed (ha ha) and we had the talent show. We truly do have amazing talent at lifechurch!! Then we heard from all the DLT (directional leadership team) members. It was interesting seeing how they are so very different men but all with the same focus and vision. I love being able to trust and believe in the leadership of our church!!!

That night we went to the Coca cola center and had a delicious meal. We were surprised to have Aranda play for us. It was a blast just cutting loose and dancing to our hearts content! The pics on here are from this.

Friday morning kicked off several workshops. I took Brandon's quickshop first which was "Mastering the Bible". It was really good (and I'm not just saying that since I'm his wife!). I then went to Terry and Robin Storch's quickshop about blogging.

We met back up with the staff and heard a message from Craig about the year to come and then had another delicious lunch. The whole weekend we were re-connecting with old faces and meeting new ones as well. The staff is up to 235 which is so crazy because I remember meeting at Craig's house the first year we were on staff. The next year we had a back room at a steak house. Man, times have changed!

We feel so blessed that God has placed us at! We are enjoying the ride. Check out the pics here. They will continue to be updated throughout the weekend!