The Golden Compass

THE GOLDEN COMPASS....I must start off this post stating that Brandon and I are sort of still in discussion on this one. When we first saw the previews, we were both looking forward to seeing this movie (and even considered bringing our 7-yr. old along with us!). We went to the bookstore and Brandon wanted to read the series before the movie because in his mind the book is always better. A friend of our told us about the authors' religious views. We decided to hold off and do a little research.

It wasn't too much later that we started getting bombarded with e-mails about the movie (and believe me they were not good reviews!). I've looked into it and they are not rumor- they are true. Check out what SNOPES has to say about the writer and his views and intentions.

Remember when I mentioned above that Brandon and I are in a little bit of disagreement on this one? Brandon just doesn't want to blanketly say we will not see it because an atheist wrote it. I mean, how many movies do we see written by people we have no idea about? Personally, I don't want to see it at all. In fact, I refuse to. I just can't support something that is totally against what I believe. I guess I'm kind of a black and white kind of girl. I also don't want to subject our kiddos to confusion. Besides, I heard the movie was way too scary for kids. Why not spend the time instead on things I DO believe in???

So, are you going to see the movie? What are your thoughts on this? Please share!!