We got our first real Christmas tree!!

Ok....so funny story. You know I always have a story, huh? Well, we decided we wanted a real tree this year. Our old artificial one broke last year but we had used it for 10 yrs (and it was a cheapy one, believe me). I decided I didn't want a real one from Wal-Mart so I did a search online and searched for Christmas Tree nurseries. 4 Total came up. 3 in the Tulsa area (too far away) and 1 in Purcell (which was do-able).

So, we picked up the kiddos from school and went on our Christmas tree adventure. It was really fun! We found the "tree farm" and believe me- they had MANY choices! They had 6 different types of trees and then they had many different sizes in each type. We went with the Virginia Pine that has very soft bristles. We all took turns chopping it down.

As I was paying for the tree, the lady said "so, what brought you all the way down here?" I told her I found out about them online. She replied "oh, well there's a place in OKC and in Midwest City" (which are both half the distance that Purcell was). We decided the adventure was worth the drive and might even make it a family tradition.

We are loving the smell of Pine in our house actually and so far it's looking very lively. We've started a tradition that I'm pretty sure will continue for years.

Do you use a real tree? An artificial one? How long have you had yours? Any tree stories you'd like to share??

If you are looking for a place, I recommend the tree farm in Purcell where you actually get to chop down your own tree!!