Are you grateful........really? (Pt. 1 of 2)

What would you do if you could make $1,000 more a year? What about $10,000? Do you think things would be SO much better? Craig wrote a post on Swerve yesterday about Erwin McManus and it took me back to 4 yrs. ago when he asked that first question.

You see, Brandon and I had just moved to California. We left our 3B, 2 ba house with a garage and a big backyard and moved to Cali. and had to rent a tiny 2 B 1ba, apt. We left a good school district and ended up in a shady neighborhood. We were broke! We were trying to be thankful that God provided for our needs, but kept missing our backyard or our garage, or that extra bedroom. Believe me, the daily whining was not pleasant. We kept telling ourselves it was just for a season, but that didn't seem to help.

We attended Mosaic one Sunday not knowing that Erwin would be talking about gratefulness. We raised our hands wanting $10,000 more or even $1000 more. Then, he talked about how we are never satisfied with what we have. We usually want to push it one step further. It was a big wake up call for us. It has stuck with the both of us for years now!

Are you really grateful for what you have? How do you stay in that mindset? Have you ever thought, "if only I could make a little more money, then I could make ends meet"?