Are you grateful........really? (Pt. 2 of 2)

Have you seen the movie, The Jerk? Steve Martin and his girlfriend break up and when he's leaving he grabs a lamp and says "This is all I need, this lamp". Then, as he's walking out he sees his favorite chair and changes it to, "and this chair- all I need is this lamp and this chair"......"and this book" "and this cup".......I'm not really giving it justice but it's funny that he keeps adding one more thing.

How many of us do that in our lives? We tell God that all we need all our bills met, but then we go on to add "and a nice house, and a good car, and some retirement money would be nice, and a great family, and ......... you see where I am going. We really have a hard time just having our needs met but want to push it to our wants as well. I mean- we are supposed to be blessed, right?

Do any of you struggle with materialism? Have you found yourself comparing with what others have? Did you struggle in the past but now have overcome materialism? (if so- how?)