Killing Curiousity? (1 of 3)

Here is an interesting quote from Wolfgang Simson's book Houses that Change the World :
Today we are sometimes in danger of pressing home answers to people who have not even asked the right questions, and preventing people from becoming truly curious.
Is the church killing curiosity? It seems the consumerist mindset around American churches has the danger of doing just that. Wolfgang continues...
Jesus described himself as the water of life, and the disciples as the salt of the earth. If people eat salt, it will make them thirsty, even if they have not been thirsty before. If people are not yet thirsty for the water of life, feed them salt. Then they will become thirsty, and then they will drink.
What do you think about curiosity being a part of evangelism? What are your thoughts?
(Here is Seth Godin's thoughts on curiosity in the business context)