Van Halen tickets!

Yeah, my soon-to-be brother-in-law, Rick, called me yesterday asking if I wanted to go to the Van Halen concert. Heck yeah!

Van Halen was unbelievable. The Ford Center in OKC, OK was pumping. I have to say I was blown away by the show. Those boys can still play. Eddie Van Halen was a terror on the guitar as he played shirtless the whole night. His tone makes me cry. Alex still has both speed and control on his drums. Wolfgang, Eddie's son, tore up the bass, and Mr. David Lee Roth can only be described as Mr. flamboyant (Mr. Entertainer). Stage was sharp. Sound was awesome. Lights were amazing. Energy was incredible.

My only regret was seeing this without Travis, my older brother. He is the one that has shown me all things Van Halen. Travis, this Van Halen moment was in your honor...speaking of "In Your Honor," next up Foo Fighters (Jan 29th)!!