Merrick is 8!!

Merrick, our first born, is 8 today! Time has flown by too quickly. I wanted to take today to highlight this special man and what he means to us.

Merrick's name means "joint ruler". This is exactly how we picture him to be at this time. A miniature CEO as the small age of 8. He is somewhat of a perfectionist but good at many things! He has a brilliant mind and memory. He is a leader. he's very creative.

Merrick is a great older brother and loves to teach Ethan how to do things. He even reads to him:) Merrick is a boy who sees things as they are. He takes things literally. He also has a huge imagination. He asks some pretty deep questions. For instance, when he was 6 he asked what the middle number of all numbers is. Anyone know?

He is independent. One time he got lost at Disneyland. He was 5 years old. It was right before the evening parade and I has walked off with a friend. I didn't realize that Merrick was following me. He ended up getting lost in the crowd. After frantically scouring the area and alerting several cast members, Merrick was found in a gift shop corner. He was standing there with a map out trying to find his way back to us. What a brave boy! (needless to say we had to have a little talk about wondering off).

I could write on and on about how much we love our son and all the unique characteristics he possesses but I will save you the length.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MERRICK! (in the picture above, he is smiling with a pickle in his mouth, he LOVES pickles)

Tell us some characteristics about your kids! Isn't it amazing that you can have totally different characteristics in your children (we do). Are you a first born, middle child, or baby of the family?