The Organization as part of the Organism?

I posted this on our campus blog as well, but I thought it was a good discussion here.

I have been reading a bit more about House Churches, and how this church movement is affecting our current world. Many say it is the church going back to its original DNA. Some even say it is more "organic" than current structures the church organization has created. Regardless of the opinions, it is the real deal. Although at first glance, this seems totally different than (the church I work). It is the one thing that keeps me up at night...thinking of the great possibilities. The Internet Campus (the campus I pastor) changes things for this "organization" we call It allows us to be in any home. It allows us to be there with those God has given a heart to become a House Church. It has the potential to pull us (the big "C" church) all together. It allows the "organization" to be a part of the "organism."

What do you think about the House Church movment? Do you think the church structure we have today will be gone in 5/10 years? What does it look like and how do the best principles of both come together?