Most of our faithful readers know that Brandon and I are very different individuals. We've come to see that makes a great team. Back in time, we would argue and try to compete with each other, but we have learned to embrace our differences.

While my posts are more family oriented, his are a little deeper. That's why we came up with "Embracing the Friction", because we all have subtle tensions in our lives. It's better to embrace them rather than struggle with them.

I was speaking with a new friend last night, and was telling her that if she has some deep intellectual questions to email Brandon. If she needs encouragement, then e-mail me. In the past, I would have tried to answer her questions with weak answers hoping they would pass and we could move on. Brandon would have tried to be hospitable or be "sweet" (yes- he's great like that) to people even when it's not his nature. Now, I'm not saying he's a grouch or that I just shrug off any questions- but we have learned our "place" so to speak.

Life is so much easier when we are who God made us to be! We are polar opposites on every spiritual, family, interest test we have ever taken and I love it! Hey- opposites attract, right?

Do you embrace your differences? Are you trying to be something you are not? Are you friends with people like you, different than you, or somewhere in the middle? Share some insight with us:)