5 reasons why we love each other (Pt. 1 of 5)

Since this week we are celebrating Valentines day, we thought we'd share some of the reasons why we are Valentines. It's basically love letters to each other so please bear with us and take a sneak peek into our marriage with our permission. Are you married? Engaged? Tell us about your significant other.

These are in no particular order and there are many more we could name....just thought we'd share 5 since it's a nice number and it fits into our weekly posts:)

Christi has a giving heart. She never stops giving. It is a built-in God thing. She is always getting me or the boys something. Even when our friends come over, she is sure to make their favorite dish...like some yummy guacamole, salsa, and home-made tea. She just gives of herself and her time to others first. She is the one who looks at me and says we need to give to this person or that mission or this cause. I have learned through the years that anytime she feels God is calling us to give to someone for any reason, we just do it. It is always the right thing. She has made my heart a giving heart. God used her to show me the joy and adventure of giving. I love it, and I love her. -Brandon-

I love Brandon's sense of adventure! He’s always looking for the next journey. He gives excitement and inspiration. He loves taking on new tasks and helping others do the same. He sees the big picture and so it helps him to rest assure. Brandon dreams big so it inspires and makes others do the same. He could never be called boring because he's usually always in the process of having some kind of adventure. Besides, he’s smoking hot so who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure with him?? (unless you are smokin hot as well and I'd have to veto that)~Christi~

Are you giving? Are you adventurous? What about your spouse/significant other?