5 Reasons why we love each other (Pt. 2 of 5)

This is our second post on why we love each other in honor of Valentines day. Thanks for reading:) Why do you love your spouse/significant other??

Brandon is loyal! Brandon will never say a bad thing about his family or friends. He will stand up for them, he will be there for them. When you are Brandon’s friend, you are his friend for life. He talks highly about his leaders at the church, he speaks highly of me, and he speaks highly of his friends. Actually, he pretty much speaks highly of everyone and gives most people the benefit of the doubt. He doesn’t gossip! A secret is safe with him. Because of his loyalty, he can be trusted. I catch myself too many times hearing from Brandon how I should trust the Jesus in others instead of finding fault or doubting them. He's just incredible!~Christi~

Christi is not a huge proponent of change, yet Christi has moved to Colorado, California (with two small boys), and Mexico. She has moved at least 15 times in the last 10 years. We have been on quite an adventure, and to be honest, I would have NEVER made it without her. God has given her this strength for our family when change is at its peak. She is always organized. She is our stability. One story: In California, a few weeks after we had arrived, I came in from school one night. Christi asked me how I was doing. I began to weep in her arms...like can't catch your breath crying. She held me real tight, and asked me if I remembered when God had clearly shown us that we were to move to California. That night she was used by God in a way I have never experienced before. Sort of hard to give the impact of that moment, but this sort of sums it up, " I love you, Christi, so much!"

Are you loyal? Would you say you have inner strength? Have any "defining moments" in your marriage brought out some of those traits?