College days...

We are driving to our college hometown tonight so Brandon can speak at the BCM (Baptist collegiate ministry). We have friends we get to see and catch up with. We get to see all the new renovations to the school. We will probably tell old stories and recall memories. Brandon and I met in college. We have so many wonderful memories and friendships from that time in our life.

For me, I grew up a lot there since I had to move away from home. Brandon also matured since he was going to school and working his first professional type job.

Even though it will be hard, I would love for my kids to get to "Experience" college like we did by moving into the dorms, away from parents. I'm just thankful we had great friendships to keep us on a good path! Brandon and I just look back on those days as golden. We had such a positive experience there. We had our share of hard times and disappointments, but those seem to fade away as you remember the good stuff.

Did you move out of your house to attend college? Were your college days "The good ole days"? Do you still keep up with your college friends and roommates? Did you pledge? Did you play sports? Tell us about your college days!