The Inconsistent God vs. The Inconsistent God (3 of 3)


We have seen the two definitions of an "Inconsistent God." We have also seen that we have substantial evidence to consider as we decide which definition we believe. Of one thing we can be certain, only ONE idea can be true, and each of us live our lives in a way that exposes which one we believe.

To conclude, I would like to explain the role of faith. Putting your confidence in either idea of the "Inconsistent God" will require a step of faith. The role of argument and evidence can clarify and show us good reason to put our faith in one, but in the end that final step is a step of faith. This is the step many have not taken. There are many Christians who claim to be followers of Jesus, yet their actions expose a trust in something other than God. There are atheists who claim to believe there is no God, yet there actions and decisions will not follow through fully with that profession. Professing to believe, wanting to believe or hoping to believe is weaker than actually believing something. Believing it is resting in it. This is where faith is seen. You can say you believe that a chair will hold you up, but the way you sit in that chair will be an indicator of your faith in it. Your posture will give you away. The same is true about your faith. You will live what you truly believe.

I like the analogy of the bridge to show how faith and evidence work together. You can learn everything there is to know about a bridge; every detail, how much it holds, how big it is, what it is made of, where it leads. You can know everything about it and have good reason to believe your information is very accurate, but to take a step (even for a bridge expert) on that bridge and cross it is still a step of faith. Faith gets you to the other side. The knowledge and evidence gathered just helps you gain confidence in taking that step of faith. This is where I try to direct my discussions with people whose views differ. Talking and learning everything about a bridge is easy (and enjoyable for a few of us nerds), but taking a step on that bridge is a much bigger deal. It will define our morality, our beliefs, our actions, our lives.

How does this affect your life? your discussions?