Do you like to move???

Do you like to move? and no, I'm not talking about moving meaning exercising (although it's a good thing if you do like to exercise). I'm talking about boxes, and dirt, and know- making a big move with a moving truck and all.

Well, apparently I do like to move, and I like to move a lot. We have been in our current home for a little over 2 years and I have that bug to move. I've been glancing at the paper, picking up flyers...just sort of browsing some options. The only problem is we are not planning on moving at all. We are planning on staying put. I mean staying put for 12 yrs and 7 more months so we can pay off this house! Why does that idea frighten me? Is it really about a change of scenery? Is it because once you live somewhere for a certain amount of time, you begin to notice all the things wrong with it? Hmmmm, inquiring minds need to know!

Let me do a quick rundown of our "moves". 1)We first lived in a duplex in Calera, OK. 2)Moved to Midwest City, OK a year later. 3)Moved to Northglenn, Co a year later. 4)Moved to Lakewood, CO six months later. 5)Moved to Del City six months later. 6)Moved to Oklahoma City one year later. 7)Moved to Edmond 2 yrs later. 8)Moved to La Habra, CA 3 yrs later. 9)Moved to Palmdale, CA 6 months later. 10)Moved to Monterrey, Mexico 11 months later. 12)Moved to "The Village"/OKC 2 months later. 13)Moved to Edmond (our current home) 4 months later. At least we are coming up on our 13 yr. anniversary so it's technically no more than once per year)

So..the longest we have stayed in one place, in one house, was back in 2001 when we lived in Edmond. We are creeping up on that and about to beat that time span. I think it's time for some re-modeling at least or I will be stir crazy. Got a house for sell??? hee hee

Makes me think of that song, 'Aint nothin gonna break my stride, aint nothin gonna slow me down, oh no, I've got to keep on movin".....